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Thailand is one of the most popular touristic destination in the world. Enviable climate, delicious food and friendly people attract every year almost 30 million travellers. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are the most famous place to visit....so why choose the "unknown" Rayong province as your destination? Read here 10 reasons to choose Rayong.

  • 1) Rayong is 'real' Thailand, while Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, as very popular, are very crowded too. They look like Western cities and they have lost part of their genuineness.
  • 2) A rural area like Chak Pong (Rayong province), instead, where 7 Muay Thai is placed, is ideal to find a quiet environment, absorbed in an untouched Thailand, sheltered from mass tourism.
  • 3) The sea that brings true wellness and health. No wonder if the beach of this area is one of the favorite by wealthy Thai people from Bangkok that know their country well.
  • 4) Quiet place with interesting activities to do: close from here there are many small islands as well as Koh Samet. You have the chance to do some boat trips or scuba diving.
  • 5) Plenty of Thai traditional restaurants around here, however just a few minutes walking from 7MuayThai there is an excellent restaurant which offers premier quality Italian food, with nothing to envy to the best restaurants of the big touristic destinations.
  • 6) Very low prices. In Chak Pong area you can eat with about 100 baht a meal, while in Pattaya and Samui you would spend 250 baht and in Bangkok and Phuket 400/500 baht.
  • 7) Quality of fruit, vegetable and seafood incomparable compared to those you can find in touristic cities.
  • 8) Cambodia border is just a couple of hours by car from 7MuayThai: you have the opportunity to extend your visa easily and take the chance to visit another Country, another culture.
  • 9) If you miss city lights, you are searching for noise and smiles from national beauties and much more, Pattaya is just one hour away by car.
  • 10)No need to book an expensive and tiring domestic flight. This little paradise is easily reachable from Bangkok airport by bus or taxi, at cheap prices, in about 2 hours an a half hours.

Muay Thai (in Thai language มวยไทย) , also known as Thai Boxe, is a combat sport and has its origins are from Mae Mai Muay Thai or Muay Boran, the antique technique where Muay Thai comes from.
7 Muay Thai Gym offers professional and amateur Thai Boxing courses with the best physical and mental comfort. With a good wake up, a run on the beach and Muay Thai training, side by side with amateurs, professional fighters and Thai trainers.

Where We're located

  • 148 Moo 5 (Map Lao Cha-on)
    Chakpong, Klaeng, Rayong, Rayong 21190 Thailand